Monday, December 10, 2012

New UMak Faculty Evaluation is on coming.

One year after AMD 101 received the Best Software Project of 2012 recognition, students would expect the implementation of their work, the UMak Web-based Faculty Evaluation

The people behind the Web-based faculty evaluation: Victor Avila as a Programmer (1st from the left), Mr. Alecs Pahayahay as a Software Project professor (2nd from left), Aldjan W Mararac as a designer (2nd from right) and Ramses Dinglasan as a System Analyst and Documentation Officer (1st from Right). CREDIT: Victor Avila
This gonna be an exciting moment for this year's III-BCSAD to use and implement the one of section's project last year.

Victor Avila, Aldjan Mararac and Ramses Dinglasan is the people behind this project, and III-BCSAD is very proud of it..

The system is tested on the new Dell OptiPlex PC
The difference between the old to new is the new User Interface, designed and themed by blue and orange, it can be run on regular web browser like Google Chrome, Firefox, IE, Safari etc., no need to install it to computer, just type the address on your URL then go. The old and existing Faculty Evaluation system is a Desktop Application, written in VB 6.0, this system used by how many years created by the programmers of UMak-ITC.

Few months ago, the said system cannot be used by the past semester because of some bugs on the system.

As of this time, the said software is on the process evaluation period, evaluated by some ITC people and programmers on new Dell PC on ITC several times to fix some user interface, programming logical error and other stuffs that might be a hole for attacker to compromise the system .

At first place, the system would be used by K-to-12 Students of Higher School of UMak as they evaluate their professor for the end of Third Grading period of this year. If the system could be find out that the system is okay to implement, the College students would be the next to use the said system.

UPDATE: 1 Sept 2013
Like on previous semesters' faculty evaluation, the system is now being used for the second time in all levels for this semester's (1st Sem 2013-2014) Faculty Evaluation, and the password for each user/students is being removed.

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