Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Samsung Galaxy Y and Android Users: The basic way to prevent other users to erase your data

What if your Android phone is stole by a snatcher, holdaper? Or suddenly when you lost it? What will you do?

We hear some reports on our local television telling us the crime rate relating to these crimes are getting higher... Some of the victims by snatcher, holdaper. Newer smartphones running iOS (Apple) and Android OS (Google) by default has a capability to protect the information stored in your phone. Here's how it works. In my case, I have my Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S5360

First add a Samsung account Account and Sync Settings

 After you enter your information,go to Location and Security and check these options

 Then, it is now secured. If the intruder attempts to delete your data, its never been easy to do it

The intruder required to delete the Samsung account first.. If you delete these account, this will appear.


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