Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Some things you should know about Windows 8

Windows 8 is launched last October 26 in some key countries worldwide, and after few days on its launched at US, it was launched also in the Philippines, and introduces some products  Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) like Acer, HP, Asus, Dell, Sony.Many are asking for me, what is on the big 8. Here's what I answered so briefly...

Minimum Requirements isn't shocking - it can be run on 1GHZ Processor, Hard Disk space of 16GB for 32-bit, and 20GB for 64-bit, with a DirectX 9 graphics card with WDDM driver 1.0 or higher and 2GB or RAM
Light Feeling - It is so fast and fluid, as in. My laptop looks like a Php. 40k worth. It fasten the boot, and believe me, my laptop boots less than a 15 secs.

Tablet and touch feeling Its user interface is touch screen already

Windows Apps - Some of your favorite apps on Android or iPhone are available in Windows 8. You can play and use it to your laptop

Upgrade offer is cheaper - If you buy a legitimate copy of Windows 7 since June 2012  'til January 2013, you can upgrade your PC for as much as Php 700 pesos.(US$ 14.99)

New task manager - it is so straight forward.

Airplane mode - it saves your battery when you are not using your WiFi and if the battery of your laptop drains fast, you can turn-on the airplane mode.

Cracking isn't easy - Windows Activation 3.0, it is the technology used by MS to activate windows. If you buy a Windows 8 PC/laptop, the key is built in on your BIOS. You can't transfer the licence to other PC

Cloud oriented OS -  synchronizes everything like settings

Unlike to other Apps marketplace for Smartphone like Google Play (Android OS), App Store(iOS), Windows Store has a very limited apps and support from existing internet services like Facebook, in other words, NO FACEBOOK APP. Normally, this was happen if the new platform has been introduced to market.
Unsupported to other netbook computers - Many users want to uprade their 10-inch netbook. Yes, the Windows 8 can run on netbook computer, but you can't open the Windows Modern Apps (the colorful tiles on your start screen) unless you do a tweak on your PC to get more a high resolution on your display.
Windows Media Center has been removed, but they are some other options to have it back.
It has sold separately.
You need a touch screen display to feel the full new features of Windows 8

Desktop environment icons not changed to familiarize users of Windows 7 to Windows 8.
No start button, but other users like me are merely accepting it to have no start button on the bottom-left side corner of your screen, but rather, the Start Screen is much faster access to your aim compare to Start Menu
Steep learning curve, difficult to adopt the new environment at first, it takes a long time to feel the Windows 8
Desktop Gadgets removed.
Aero glass removed. This was a painful truth to others. However, MS removed this feature because it lowers the performance of small specs PC like mine.

Do you hear it great? Please leave your comments below to hear your feedback. Thanks.

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