CM Flare S100 gets Jelly Bean update very-very soon

Cherry Mobile teases for the CM Flare Jelly Bean Update (c) Cherry Mobile 
The CM Flare banner on official Cherry Mobile Site. These two images seems similar, giving us a clue that the CM Flare updates to Jelly Bean. 
The said banner makes the Cherry Mobile Flare user very happy when they saw this image last Saturday on official Cherry Mobile Site.

Remembering when CM updates the CM Titan to Jelly Bean last April 15, many Flare users are bursting out and screaming to have a update to flare.

While some users are happy when they've heard it about this good news, other users also worrying on how the Flare works and how it performs when it receives the Jelly Bean update. Myths and concerns are rising about that update because Flare may not work very well because it 
has a 512MB of RAM. When we check other devices, we found that other phones also running similar RAM specification like Alcatel One Touch Glory 2, Touch Inspire 2,  Sapphire 2, are running smoothly.

Flare users are expecting that this update may fix some hardware issues like a two-point touch screen may update to have a five-point touch, which it really sucks when playing a game and other apps that needs a multi-touch screen, better battery life and a smoother UI experience.
UPDATE: The official fan page of Cherry Mobile Flare which managed by the CM itself yesterday confirms it is coming.
Taken on 13 May 13

Source: Cherry
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