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Screenshots of CM Flare S100 running Jelly Bean 4.1.2 leaked, and what we would expect

1. IT IS OFFICIAL! see the details -May 28 2013, 3:15 PM  Rescheduled on June 10
2.  As of now CM cancelled the June 1 update. Lets just wait for official announcements with regards to the official starting date of the upgrade. See what CM said -May 31 2013, 6:45PM

3. More updated series of screenshots here. -June 1 2013, 9:34 AM

While others are screaming and doing go wild for the update of CM Flare to Jelly Bean 4.1, leaked images has been posted on Karbonn A9+/Cherry Mobile Flare facebook group from a Cherry Mobile man this mornin. 
A very legit images telling us that S100(CM Flare) is running on Android 4.1.2 with a different kernel version and build number

Allegedly the default launcher of CM Flare running a Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean OS with noticeably graphics changes on its Status Bar.
This screenshot reminds me of CM Flame 2.0 because of its transparent background instead of black, which is the default background of current v41 firmware of CM Flare.
The device is running a Android 4.1.2

Availability, time of release
According to its threaded comments on the group, which originally showed this images, it will be released this week, but as of up to date, the current build is under the observation or testing stage, which they finding some bugs to prevent unexpected behavior before they release it to their users.


When we receive this update, we expect a sweet and buttery experience of Jelly Bean on our CM Flare, new notifications page, Google Now voice assistant, lighter experience, and few bug fixes

We do hope that this update may fix the bugs present at the current firmware of this device, such as
  • Multi-touch
    - We hope that this may fix the two-point multi-touch issue that affects the experience of CM Flare users, specially when typing on its keyboard and running some apps that needs a demand for a 5-point multi-touch screen. Many experts and users says that this may occur because of its hardware, the screen. It can handles only a two-point touch, but a big hopes to its user when CM updates CM Titan from a two-point touch to five point touch.
    When this update rolls out, we hope that they fix this known screen bug and increase the screen's multi-touch from two-point to five-point multi-touch.   

  • Play-pause/Headset compatibility issue
    - We tested various headsets like iPhone earbuds, stock Samsung headsets and other headphones. We tested also to plug a audio connector to device. Both tests produces a poor sound quality and the sound pauses when we plug the headset deeply into its jack. This can be another hardware issue, and hopefully it may fix this also.
    I stand corrected, there is a alternative options to have a better sound experience. You can use also a Nokia Stock headsets, so that you can have a better sound experince. Its because of the pinout used is the same as Nokia's, and not universal pinout is used. Thanks Mr. Paulo Ducut for giving us a tip -May 28 2013, 6:31 PM
  • Camera force close issue - The CM Flare has a good auto-focus camera. But after almost three-months using this phone, we experience that the camera suddenly closes. We fixed it by our own, by installing another camera app, or by replacing the stock camera app on its system/app folder, which needs a root access..

  • G-sensor issue -  when we playing a game like Temple Run 2, we notice that when we tilt the device on both sideways, it does not work. We fixed it by reflasing or reinstalling its stock ROM, downloaded from its Cherry Mobile PH official website so that you can recallibrate it.
  • Better SIM Management - Since Dual-sim capabilty is cool in CM Flare, we expect to have a better SIM management. What do we mean by that? We expect to have a better SIM management, customizable settings whether you can choose a color of signal indicator on your status bar, easy to choose whether what SIM would you use when making Calls, SMS and what would you use when connecting to a cellular data if you want to connect to the internet. These features we can find on other CM devices, and other local brand phones.
I'm sure that all Flare users are excited about this. Stay tuned on my blog, and on official Cherry Mobile page on Facebook for further updates. We will update this article when somethings gonna happen about this sweet jelly bean news.

UPDATE: The posted images from the FB group has been removed or deleted later sunday afternoon

Souce: Karbon A9+/Cherry Mobile Flare FB group, via

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