Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Google I/O 2013 Extended Manila: What to expect?

Since I and my friend received a confirmation from the organizers of Google I/O 2013 Extended Manila last week, I prepare myself to sleep and adjust my sleeping habit since the event will be start at 7:00 PM Wednesday evening and it ends 'til 3:00 AM in the morning. This is due to the time difference we have here in the Philippines and the US...

Google I/O is a 3-day annual developers conference held at San Francisco where Google introduces new products and services to the developers and consumers, attended by different attendees came from different sides of the globe. You must prepare a money that is a half of price of your macbook pro to get there.

Since many of us doesn't have a macbook-like price money, Google extends their hands to the people who want to attend in that event, so Google I/O extended is here.

Google I/O are participated on over 90 countries around the globe via Google I/O Extended events, organized by Google Developers Group worldwide.

So we are pleasured to get involve and invited to that event!

What to expect: From Google I/O in SF?

Announcement of refreshed Nexus 7, but how? According to the 9to5google, the big G will release a successor of Nexus 7 in the same price in different specifications at the Google I/O. It has a front HD camera and a good news, a Rear Camera, plus the updated Nexus 7 includes a more faster Qualcomm APQ 8064 processor, a 1,920x1,200 7-inch display with narrower bezel, a 5-megapixel camera, wireless charging, and a body that's 7.5mm to 8.5mm thick. The new tablet is also expected to be lighter than the previous version. Google is also expected to keep the same $199 price (the sames as ranges from P13,000 - P16,000) for the upgraded tablet, according to Kuo. The new tablet could ship in June or July, but as expected, here in the Philippines, we didn't know, lets wait..

Updates for Google Nexus 4 phone. A software and hardware updates. In terms of Software, we might expected that these device might have a latest update for Android 4.3, and in a hardware side, we might expecting also to have a support for 4G LTE, also a memory upgrade. Nexus 4 are now available at 8GB and 16GB models, minus the use of Operating System, that is a small amount for a device.

New Android OS. But not a Key Lime Pie. This rumor we heard few months ago, but it is unconfirmed. Next Android OS will be shared by the same name of Jelly Bean. Its just a minor update.

More details on Motorola X Phone. Since Google acquired Motorola for about $12.5 billion, Google fans are now expecting to see more details about the Motorola X phone. Some of the rumors floating around suggest the device will have a 4.8-inch touch screen and a Snapdragon 800 processor running at 2GHz. Some say the X Phone will be virtually indestructible sporting a hardened case and display that is even tougher than Gorilla Glass.

Google Babel - a chat service that includes as part of Google Hangouts. What to expect: From Google I/O Extended Manila?
Show and Tell. According to official Google Developers Group blog,there are Show and Tell portion, a part of overall program in that evening that allow developers to showcase their app within 10-15 minute length that is created on various Google platforms by programmers and tech geeks.

Live Viewing from Google I/O in SF. This is the big highlight of the evening. You may have an opportunity to view the happenings live from the Google I/O event. Live viewing of Keynotes, sessions and other part of the program is expected.

Meet some talented and tech geek around the event. You will meet Google Devs, programmers that shares some thoughts and insights from their area of expertise.

Swag/Freebies, Foods and Party. An exciting part of the event. Since the venue is a family bar, Party is expected. Aside from that, Freebies will be given to the participants.

I will posting images came from the Google I/O Extended Manila event tomorrow evening for more live happenings..

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