HANDS-ON: Cherry Mobile Flare running Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean, New Features + Review

EDITORS NOTE: We are currently updating this article. Any contents of this article may be added, updated or removed -17 June 2013

We discuss and we are following the improvements of Cherry Mobile Flare a dual core phone the most loved by a thousands of Filipinos here in our country. It is most loved when it receives a sweet update of Jelly Bean this month. Many users also following the said update, since we released a leaked screenshots few weeks ago, and it it viewed 2000 times, they give us a traffic over the month, and we are happy about it.

Other countries are using this phone, (since it is rebranded from Karbonn A9+, and this was a successor of Karbonn A9) with the default OS of Android 2.3.6 Gingerbread since it was first released in India by Karbonn. It was arrived here in the Philippines running Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sanwich, launched as Cherry Mobile Flare, and after over 7 months, they finally updated it to Jelly Bean. Despite of the doubt that it won't carry the Jelly Bean update on flare

One of the authors of this phone own this device, and he was successfully upgraded his phone. We tested it for a week, and we go deeply unto the major and minor improvements of this phone since it was upgraded.



Hello CM Flame 2.0, oh I mean, CM Flare running Jelly Bean 4.1.2. At first, you will be confusing about the UI happened on CM Flare, the vast majority of its user interface is being inspired by the UI of CM Flame 2.0, The icons are now improved, replaced the rounded Nokia-asha like icons on ICS version, and the Network Type on the status bar are bigger and even more noticeable.

Icons are now improved, and the app drawer is now transparent from the black background of ICS version

Expandable Notifications
A bigger changes made of Android notifications since the Jelly Bean comes out. Various apps like the preloaded apps, are now supported with this feature. As you notice, the toggle buttons are now six, from the total of seven toggles, they removed the silence, vibrate toggle placed last on the toggles. The dates are now detailed, the time is bigger, the settings button is now located at the upper-right side, next to the clear icon for notifications

Dialer UI
A nice improvement of Dialer, they've rearranged the call options on the the lower-side of the screen, and they added the collapse button to collapse the dial pad down if you didn't use. As you press this button, you recently contacted person will appear.

You'll notice also, as you dial a key, either a landline or a phone number, it follows the format as what our number format displays on mobile or phone number.

Rectangled Toggles ON and OFF
It is being replaced by Rectangle-shaped toggles from the slant-style shape of toggles, as what we seen on other phones that does not customized the Settings like Nexus phones, remembring about the toggles used on iOS3 and below.

New Lockscreen features
It includes the Google, the main highlight of Jelly Bean, enables you to have a quick access to Google Now and Google Search.

Connection Modes- You can choose what is your task when your phone is getting connected to PC, The charging mode is also added, it helps also users to protect their SD card from being copied without their permission.

Benchmarks -it is weird number, the AnTuTu benchmarks gave us a number of 6,666 (a meaningful digits), on another attempt, it gave us a score of  6,536 since I loaded some files on its internal storage.
RAM - it actually increased, from almost 360+ MB of RAM from ICS, it has visible RAM of 411MB, a big increase, not too bad in multi-tasking.

Also, in Apps manager, the "Kill all applications" are now being added. Allowing you to kill your unused running apps without the downloading a third-party app.

Battery Performance - longest life within normal device usage. We use the device with normal usage like 2 hrs of WiFi is on, making calls, creating text messaging, playing casual games like subway surf, and even making benchmark testing on second attempt. We also rebooted the device twice, and impressively, the battery didn't jump. On ICS version, when you restart your device, the battery level jumps very high, for example, the device battery was at 82%, when you reboot the device, it jumps down over 62%. It is a good news to the hard-core and intensive user who needs to restart their device at any time.

CAMERA and VIDEO recording
A new refreshed camera app UI, now includes Smile Shot.

Adjusting your camera resolution has gone, its been replaced by Aspect Ratio

On video recording, a cool feature has been added, 720p HD video recording  is now supported

And also, you can take a videos and take a snapshot while the video is recording at the same time.
Other features added/removed in camera app
Face detection is improved, camera video zooming is not there.

If you are not satisfied with the camera app after its update, try the alternatives, like the Motorola X Stock Camera App. More info here.

Wi-Fi hotspot Bug - We also notice that if you turn on the hotspot on flare with a working cellphone internet/mobile data, and letting your phone sleep based on your sleep-timeout and on idle/standby without any activity you do in the device, the whole phone freezes, until you force to remove the battery and turn it on again. So better to turn on you device while the hotspot is on, and do simple scrolling habit to turn your device working properly and preventing your phone to freeze. 28 Jul 2013

MORE FEATURES TO BE FEATURED, we are currently updating this article

For CM Flare/Karbonn A9+ users , let us know what is your experience since you've been upgraded to Jelly Bean. And if you still love the ICS, what are the reasons why you didn't want to updrade your phone. Let us know. We want to hear your opinions, just leave your comments below

And for those who want to update their flare in their own, heres the link includes the instructions about updating your Flare/Karbonn A9+ to Jelly Bean.

http://goo.gl/59IuW6 (link updated)*

We do not own the files, the files are uploaded on the secret group that other Facebook users has no access to view it. but this is working to other Facebook users who is already a member of the group. We are now contacting the person who shared the procedures and files on how to upgrade your flare to Jelly Bean to become available to everyone. Stay tuned. 19 Sept 2013

Credits to Alkane of Cherry Mobile PH (Official) Group

*If the files are not accessible, maybe, you are not a member of this group, please join and follow instructions accordingly. Thanks

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