Sunday, September 15, 2013

Nokia was testing a Lumia running Android OS.

A Nokia-Android concept,
SEATLE - After the Nokia did a $7.2B deal with Microsoft, hopes to a Nokia phone running Android OS loose. But now, a Nokia Android phone is possible and real.

There was a team composed of Engineers on Nokia had a project to test Nokia Lumia phone running Android OS before the deal was done with Microsoft and Nokia few weeks back. The project was taken place in 2012 and earlier 2013, Microsoft knows about it, and it "wasn’t a part of Microsoft’s discussions" prior to the acquisition, according to the report of New York Times from the employees who declined to identified because the project was confidential.

Nokia will abandon Windows Phone OS because the Microsoft and Nokia ends its contract by the end of 2014, and it can be devastating for Microsoft with its struggling mobile operating system. Nokia is a manufacturer of the most Windows Phone devices throughout the market, aside from HTC, Samsung and others. Nokia’s share of the smartphone market fell down to 3 percent during the first half of 2013, from 32.8 percent in 2010.

Critics and consumers as well questioned Nokia for the past years of having its decision to be a primary manufacturers of Windows Phone devices.

Spokesman from Nokia, Susan Sheehan and spokesman from Microsoft, Frank Show declined to answer regarding with this matter.

But the Nokia Android-phone was unclear, as the Microsoft acquired Nokia’s phone business, we doubt will it be happen.
EDITOR’S TAKE: Are you excited? If you ask us, yes. We are excited, (even if this would not happen) to bring their camera technologies to Android. In terms of User Interface, I think Nokia will produce a cleaner interface as what they did on Symbian, Meego and others. The Android was a high customizable, and we are excited as well what will Nokia show off on other big competitors

Vast majority of phone users worldwide owned a Nokia phone before, and we will switch to Nokia if they will make droids to the market. It would give a great impact to the smartphone market share, here locally and internationally if this would happen. 

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