Sunday, October 13, 2013

Things you will consider why you SHOULD stay and SHOULD NOT stay to your CM Flare 1

Our pretty but cool CM Flare is now slowly leaving its limelight
CM Life, MyPhone 3G, Samsung Galaxy Star Duos, Arc Mobile Memo and other local and international brands we've seen so far are the devices that user replaces CM Flare 1 and it is now slowly leaving its limelight as of this moment.

Inspite of the upgrades from the users we heard from our friends and reads about selling it's Flare 1 on the online marketplaces and User Groups, We are listing down the reasons why you should and should not choose the CM Flare 1 based on our personal and other user experiences before it is being totally phased out on our stores.


  • THE AUTOFOCUS CAMERA. Comparable to CM Life and MyPhone Rain 2G and 3G which it available on the price range of Php. 3,000.00, The CM Flare 1 gets the point when it comes to camera. 
  • THE SLEEK LOOK. The CM Flare 1 looks very closely to iPhone... (when the Starmobile Knight is not released)
  • THE IPS Display. The official CM Flare 1 says that this device have a IPS display, others says that this is not true. But we loved the viewing angles.
  • THE DEVELOPERS SUPPORT. When you have a problems regarding to CM Flare 1, you can visit the CM Flare user's group on Facebook, the forums on XDA Developers, Symbianize and other websites over the web. 
  • CUSTOM ROMS AND OTHER CUSTOMIZATION AVAILABLE. Not satisfied with the look and feel of your CM Flare 1? Head over again to many CM Flare user's group and other forum-based websites online so that you can customize your Flare 1 its Messaging, Contacts, Status Bar without even installing the other third-party app on Play Store that will be loaded to your RAM.
  • THE TOUCHPOINT ISSUE. This is the top reasons why some gamers hate the CM Flare 1 because of its touchpoint limited capability. It also affects your typing experience.
  • THE GYRO PROBLEM. This is the auto-rotation issue since the day it was being released with the running OS is Ice Cream Sandwich.. 
  • THE HEADSET'S COMPATIBILITY PROBLEM. Other local brands are also experiencing with this because of some of the headsets locally uses the OMTP (Open Mobile Terminal Platform) instead of CTIA(Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association).
  • BATTERY LIFE. Flare has its 1,500 mAh battery life. It drains so fast so you should tweak, and close some apps. As a solution, use a Samsung Galaxy S3 Modified battery which is not safe, but other users try this and they don't have any problem with it
  • NO UPDATE TO 4.2. We hope we're not getting wrong with this.. Since Cherry Mobile released a device with Android 4.2 OS out of the box, few chances that Flare 1 users won't get the few updates. We hope that even they are lot of devices are out, they will continue to give software updates to users.
Its up to you whether you may upgarde your Flare to newer device.. Even us are thinking whether we will update our phone to the newer one or this device will stay on our cabinet.. (Some might ask, what about the readers that reads this blog for the support of Flare1?) Well, we won't stop answering and sharing our thoughts about CM Flare 1. CM Flare 1 gives us also a door to have a blog like this. The CM Flare gives us a high traffic from our blog, that's why we pursue a technology-themed blog. The Flare has its own sentimental value with this blog.. We won't regret it...

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