Thursday, November 14, 2013

Campus Confessions Facebook Pages Is Now Viral

If you are the one of the avid listener of nightly radio program like Papa Jack’s True Love Confession starting 9PM until to the late night radio program na Papa Jack’s Wild Confession and likes that gives huge success with around a thousands of listeners every night , there is a new place you will surely subscribe on this stories. This is not a radio program, and obviously not a television program, not also a blog site or rated x pages, but a Facebook page/s. Yes, they exist.

Like what these Radio program discusses on their timeslot, these so called “Student Confession” Facebook pages, they are primarily focusing Love stories (like Puppy love stories, “sulyap” moment of crush), student shoutouts for the school administrator or professors, and most of all, the “Wild Confessions” post that may contains SPG-like themes. Browse and check out those on their pages.

The idea of having these Facebook pages is started on March 28, 2013 from the Facebook page titiled "The IITian Insider"( from the students  Mindanao State University – Iligan Institute of Technology (MSU-IIT) of Iligan City, Lanao Del Norte, PH . This is written in Cebuano/Bisaya dialect.. They are recognized as the first page who have initiated this idea from other Facebook pages admins of the other campuses. 

Here's the post from one of the pages.
These are the shoutouts of students for the staff of their school from The Elbi Files (UP Diliman)

The student can also express what they feel about the performance of their prof within the class from UMak Memes (with the hashtag of #UMakConfessions part)

For those who can understand Cebuano (Bisaya) dialect, here is the confession shared by the student to promise to do better on their study from very first admittedly student confession page, the IITian insider
These are the naughty confessed posts came from the PUP confessions

Aside from bring fun and entertainment to the readers and fans of their pages, they used their influence and popularity on Social Media to convince each of its reader to unite and help the victims of the strongest Typhoon hits on the central Philippines, the Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda).

You can explore more of them on their respective pages for more. No doubt that the Social Media is a gift for all of us to express our opinions and thought. This is the benefits we enjoy in the democratic country. We must use them appropriately.

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