Monday, April 14, 2014

It's been a while!

Hello techie friends! It's been a while since I posted some tech news, insights and opinions about the latest tech trends of today!

I am so busy doing some school-related task during the long time I am inactive on tech blogging. I prioritized it first before I do and focus more about this hobby. At last, I am now graduated on my four-year college degree, BS Computer Science!

It is so nice to come back in blogging. Expect more tech news, tech gossips in a matter of time. I and my team was planning to take this whole thing into the next level. We are planning do and implement some stuff so that we can deliver the tech news that suites on your taste right on our webpages.

On the next following days ahead, we are creating some articles that may tease you u.

The Cherry Mobile Flare HD vs MyPhone Aqua Rio

The hottest affordable quad-core smartphone in the local Philippine market. We've compared these both phones for you to decide which is the most better.

Nokia X hands-on and initial impressions

We had a chance to meet and to have a hands-on for the most anticipated android device manufactured from a finish company, the Nokia X running the Android-based OS!

Cherry Mobile never failed to surprise us.

We will discuss the most interested device of Cherry Mobile as they released almost 40 devices for their Cherry Mobile Festival 2014.

That's it and lot more as we continue what I've started

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