Saturday, November 22, 2014

Techmisan, an App for Geek and Techie Pinoys!

Are you a tech geek? Or savvy and thirsty for the latest news, updates about what's happening in the Philippines' local tech industry? The app Techmisan can suite your thirsty needs.

The Techmisan News and Magazine Android App which combined your favorite local tech blogs in the country. It is primarily designed for the tech geeks or loves to read of the tech news in the country. This is done by a developer based on Zamboanga.

The app at glance

At Glance
When you opened the app, it shows you a left sidebar that contains the app favorites section which includes your all unread articles, your unread articles for the past 24 hours, and you starred articles located on the "All stars section"

The tech blogs section contains all the tech blogs that are available in the app. This allows you to select one of those and read their articles on their blog.

The main section of the app shows all of  the aggregated feeds from the different tech blogs. At the upper side, you can see the holo bar which includes the title. the search button, and the three-dotted icon which is a the menu settings (which it may not visible for you since I'm using a tablet which is the capacitive menu button is not present. You can also have the menu options in your capacitive menu button)

As you scroll down, you can see the tools section, which includes Downloads, Synchronize, Switch Theme, allows you to switch in the

How was the article shown?
PinoyTechStyle on Techmisan App
The article shown in a nice interface and pleasant to eyes. You can play tech blog's videos inside the app if it is available on their featured article.  You can share the articles in different ways on Social Media, and you can adjust the text size as shown on the next screenshots. Navigating the article is so easy! You can swipe left and right to navigate other tech blog's article. 

You can share the article in different ways

Adjust the display text size

Customization and Settings
As I mentioned earlier, you can customized the main screen by scrolling down on the Tools section and select Switch Theme. You can choose between a Dark, Light Theme or TechMisan Theme, the default green theme of the app.


You can choose what theme will you choose anytime

Aside from that, there are many options and settings under the hood you can adjust and choose from. You can change the Display language, Sync Settings, Notifications and more!

Availability and Pricing
The good news is. IT IS FREE! You can download the application on Google Play Store or click the Google Play Button badge on this article.

You may visit also as I also contribute some tech bytes there. :D

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